Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeding the Teacher's Brain: Nutrition Tips for Busy Educators

Editor's Note: This blog post, co-authored by Marcus Conyers, originally appeared on Edutopia.

Teachers know better than anyone that teaching is a cognitively complex profession. In the course of a single school day, an educator must make hundreds of decisions and respond quickly to the myriad unexpected turns that life in the classroom may take. In this high-energy job, it's essential to prime your brain and body with the right fuel.

But in the busy life of a teacher, who has time to think about healthy eating, much less sorting through the sometimes-conflicting claims about the nutritional value of various food choices?

Unfortunately, the less we think about what we eat, the worse our diets may be—especially if we default to snacking on so-called convenience foods that are high in sugar and saturated fats and low in nutrient-dense ingredients that sustain energy levels. Continue and learn about myths that may keep us from lives of greater well-being as well as strategies for eating healthier at ...

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