Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating a Time of Joy, Friendship, and Goodwill

December 24, 2011
Today we awoke to a beautiful, crisp and sunny day on the gulf coast of Florida! It is hardly like the beginning of winter, though it looks like the puppies scampering on the sandy shores of sparkling quartz might just be playing in a blanket of bright, white snow that has fallen far away.
However, we are wise to remember what others have noted. That is, in fact, around the world many celebrate Christmas during the grey, cold, and possibly gloomy season of the year. Indeed, we are fortunate that this time of holiday, joy, and the warmth of fire help to soothe the feeling of cold winter air in many sites across our earth! In this season, though the cold winds may blow strong, and snow may fall heavy, the warmth of love and joy glows ever more brightly.
While respecting that spiritual beliefs may differ around the world, the love of family and valuing of friendship is universal among people. We wish our friends worldwide a joyful and peaceful holiday season 2011!