Thursday, June 30, 2011

BrainSMART Blogging: In Full Support of Teachers

We are proud to introduce our blog! Here is an example of the kinds of strategies that we share on this blog.

I just saw BrainSMART graduate student Diane Dahl's blog at her blog, For the Love of Teaching. Her blog post 'Reading Levels Jump 5 Months in just 2.5 Months' tells how she is using her BrainSMART studies to benefit students. Diane also shared with us that she had a record number of students qualify for gifted programming after teaching her students cognitive and metacognitive strategies.

Though our blog focuses on practical knowledge and strategies for teaching and learning, we also share research from the fields of education, mind, and brain.


  1. Really glad that you are sharing ways for supporting teachers as they they empower their students with knowledge and skills for reaching their unique potential.

  2. Thank you, Marcus. I am excited to be in contact with our community of teachers and learners where great teachers can come to support each other!

  3. So glad you're blogging! I can't wait to see all the exciting information you share.

  4. Thanks much, Diane! We are looking forward to sharing more of your success stories and strategies you enjoy using:)