Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting Upon 2013: Teaching and Learning

As the eastern part of earth rings in New Year 2014, we are counting our blessings here at home in Florida. We consider ourselves fortunate each week as we hear from many of you who have chosen to study with us. You take time from busy schedules to let us know how much studying with us has meant to you and we appreciate hearing from you!

Just yesterday Mary received e-mail from a graduate of our program who wanted us to know he has started doctoral study and feels very well prepared because of his work with us. When earned, his new degree will pave the way for him to lead his own school as an administrator. He has developed dreams for this new school and wants to reach each child and parent in a special way! He wants to prepare each child at his dream school for future success.

Another graduate I've spoken with recently is in a new position at the private school where she works. After earning her most recent degree, study has prepared her to go from the classroom to assisting teachers throughout her school as they seek new ways to teach ever more effectively! Another of 'our' teachers continues to support teachers as they are asked to implement new standards.

The list goes on and on and we are eternally grateful for the difficult work each and every one of you is doing in education and elsewhere. I know a good number of our followers personally so am aware that even if you are not in education (what I call the learning profession), you are most likely engaged in learning opportunities of different nature. For example, one family member is currently studying foreign language at the university. Personally, I am stretching my writing skills to create a different kind of piece.

Whatever, you are learning... We wish for you all peace, joy, love, and learning in abundance in 2014!
—Donna and Marcus

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