Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Latest Post on Edutopia: How Teaching About Neuroplasticity Engages Brains

Our latest Edutopia blog post—"Engaging Brains: How to Enhance Learning by Teaching Kids About Neuroplasticity"—is now live. In the post, we explain how explicitly teaching students about neuroplasticity can have a transformative impact in the classroom. Here's an excerpt:

"The force behind this cycle is students' belief that they can get smarter through study and practice, which enhances their commitment to persist in the hard work that learning sometimes requires. … The same dynamic of persisting to succeed applies to teaching. Keeping the idea of brain plasticity at the forefront of your professional practice offers a constant reminder than when students struggle with lessons, it isn't because they can't learn, but because they need more practice and instructional support."

Read the full post at Edutopia.

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