Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Ed Week Blog Topic: Help Students 'Take Ownership of Their Learning'

Marcus and I were pleased to take part in the four-part Education Week blog post: "Students 'Take Ownership of Their Learning' Through Goal-Setting," which was featured in the popular Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo portion of the blog.

In the post, we describe how almost all students who walk through the school door have the potential to live a joyous and successful life as each of them defines it. Of course, teachers' guidance is important in helping students set and reach important learning goals.

In the post, we describe our PEAK model to teach students a practical approach to achiving their goals. First, students must establish their clear intent by formulating a goal that is positive, motivating, ambitious, and achievable.

Next, it's important to guide students to be specific in describing he positive outcome they want to achieve. Then apply the PEAK model as follows:

Plan: Develop a detailed plan to guide positive progress.
Execute: Follow through on each action step.
Assess: Assess, monitor, and adjust your thoughts and actions as you execute your plan.
Keep making progress: Aim for steady gains and look for ways to improve the process.

We invite you to read the entire post at the Education Week blog.

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