Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ann Arbor School References Our Work to Define Their Approach to Brain-Based Education

Clonlara School in Ann Arbor, Mich., references our work to help define “Brain-Based Education: An Overview of Research Supporting Clonlara’s Educational Approach.”

The school defined brain-based education “an approach that draws from the science of how the human brain learns naturally and aligns instructional strategies to support student learning at different stages of the brain’s development.”

Clonrara cites the principle of metacognition, “thinking about one’s thinking,” as a process that enables students to become more independent learners. For further reading on that subject, the school provides a reference to our article, “The Boss of My Brain: Explicit Instruction in Metacognition Puts Students in Charge of Their Learning,” published by ASCD, which can be retrieved at this link.

Metacognition is an integral part of Clonlara’s Full Circle Learning Method. This research-supported approach lets students choose the topics that interest them, develop a plan for what and how they are going to learn, monitor progress toward reaching their goals, and reflect on their learning process.

A PDF of the Clonlara’s “Brained-Based Education” overview is available here.

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