Thursday, December 27, 2018

ACE Report Cites Our Work in Self-Regulation and Metacogition

A recent report from the American Council on Education, Unpacking Relationships: Instruction and Student Outcomes, references our work in the areas of self-regulation and metacognition. The authors of this prestigious report write, “Students are more likely to persist and graduate when actively involved in the educational process.”

Citing our book, Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching, the authors continue, “Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers (2013) outline five ideas from cognitive science research that are applicable to teaching and learning, one of which focuses upon the role of metacognition and reflection to enhance students’ active engagement in their own learning.”

The American Council on Education (ACE) works to improve post-secondary attainment by providing quality assurance of college-level learning outside the classroom, promoting alternative education pathways, and working with institutions to create and implement student-centered, attainment-focused instructional approaches and practices.

To read the entire report, click to view the PDF.

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