Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Our EL Article Stresses the Importance of Believing in the Brain

We are pleased to hear from educators around the world who have received the May issue of EL, ASCD’s magazine for educational leaders. The issue features “Believing in the Brain,” an article that Marcus and I wrote on the importance of teaching students about brain plasticity as a means of helping them develop a growth mindset. 

The issue is devoted to the theme, “Learning and the Brain,” with additional articles covering such topics as neuroscience and psychology, the creative brain, picturing the brain, building teen brains, and more.

Our article focuses on the importance of teaching students explicitly about the brain’s capacity to change, thus increasing their motivation to learn. In the article, we also describe how providing specific instruction on how to use effective learning strategies will increase students’ potential to achieve steady academic gains.

Many individuals and school districts have an ASCD membership, which will allow them to access the article. Visit the article link on the EL website for more details.

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