Monday, April 21, 2014

The Power of Purposeful Joy

Have you ever danced for joy—perhaps even literally—because you learned something that had previously eluded you? In one example, for those among us who are technologically challenged, learning a timesaving trick on our computer or smart phone can elicit that reaction. It’s fun to learn something new and useful, and that is something I call the power of “purposeful joy.”

“Purposeful joy” is a powerful tool in the classroom. A positive mindset allows the power of purposeful joy to spread in your classroom. What exactly is the purpose to your joy? It is to transport your students right along with you to a place of excitement, a place of energy—a place where learning happens. There is no higher purpose than to use your joy to ignite a desire to learn among your students.

Courageous, dedicated teachers across the globe are achieving a positive state for learning by creating thoughtful, joyful classes. Students achieve joy when they learn from energized, enthusiastic teachers. An added bonus is that the joy your students feel in learning comes back to you as joy you feel from having successfully taught. It’s a joy that comes from fulfilling your goal of imparting information to your students in a meaningful, lasting way, and isn’t that why we went into the teaching profession in the first place?

Effective teachers we meet across the country and globe are not only teaching joyfully, but as they can, they are influencing the school toward more joyful learning. If you are a teacher, consider how might you do so. And, if you are an administrator, how are you creating a joyful learning climate at school and supporting teachers to do so in the classroom?

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