Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Marcus Describes Link Between Learning and Exercise in Motiv Running Article

Marcus was the expert voice in an article entitled "Learning on the Run," which appeared on Motiv Running, a website dedicated to helping runners of all levels run better, reduce injuries, and live an active, outdoor lifestyle.

The article described the University of Oregon's "Run with a Researcher" program, which highlights the connection between running and learning. Marcus confirmed the powerful connection between movement and learning, pointing out that the brain's central processor of learning and memory—the hippocampus—is larger among people who exercise regularly.

Exercise also releases BDNF, a key protein that creates new cells, Marcus explained in the article, noting that "Studies suggest that we return from exercise with a euphoria for learning."

Marcus was able to speak from personal experience, not only as the co-developer of the BrainSMART program but as a runner himself. He described how going out for a run is a perfect follow-up to reading research since it allows him to process the information during his physical activity.

"I find that I come back with the information clearly embedded," he told the article's author Amanda Loudin.

Read the entire article at the Motiv Running website.

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