Tuesday, June 11, 2019

W.V. High School Teachers Use Our Work to Address Barriers to Learning

We are pleased to see that our work, Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains, was used in year-long programming in which West Virginia high school teachers helped identify barriers to learning.

Teams of teachers from four Harrison County High Schools participated in the program, which also entailed testing solutions to address the barriers they identified.

According to an article that appeared on the WVnews.com website, Eve and Joetta Schneider of JS Educational Consulting, met with the teams monthly for feedback, strategy discussion and data analysis. As part of the programming, the teams also participated in a book study in which Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains was the featured work.

"The book study aided in providing additional metacognitive strategies, activities and lesson ideas," Eve told WVnews.com.

The programming was made possible thanks to state funding provided via the West Virginia Result-Driven Priorities program. By accepting the funding, school districts are required to use data to identify gaps in student performance, analyze their district systems, and implement targeted, evidence-based reforms that address these gaps.

For more information about the Harrison County program, visit the WVnews.com website.

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