Friday, May 29, 2020

Our New Book, “Developing Growth Mindsets,” Launches With ASCD

Helping students of all ages to develop a growth mindset will enable them to experience higher levels of success! That’s the main message of our latest book, Developing Growth Mindsets: Principles and Practices for Maximizing Students’ Potential, published by ASCD.

In our new book, we stress that human beings have tremendous potential to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills. As we explain, teachers are in a unique position to unleash the potential within every student by introducing them to the concepts of brain plasticity and malleable intelligence—i.e., the idea that learners can become functionally smarter through ongoing effort, perseverance, and the use of effective strategies.

Teachers who focus on developing growth mindsets are helping to instill in students the belief that they can improve their knowledge and skills across the lifespan. Developing Growth Mindsets is filled with practical information for teachers, including how modeling and using proven learning strategies will help students achieve more than they ever thought possible. Once students understand that intelligence is not a fixed trait but something that can be improved, their motivation to learn soars.

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