Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our Work on Metacognition Is Cited in MultiBriefs Post by Sheilamary Koch

Our work is included in a blog post entitled “Preparing students for critical thinking: Incorporating metacognition,” which appears on the MultiBriefs website, a leading publisher of association-branded email publications.

Written by Sheilamary Koch, the post links to our thinking about how incorporating metacognition consciously in the classroom has been proven to promote the development a growth mindset while also empowering students to use strategies that will help themselves learn better.

The post recommends our process for introducing the term metacognition and explain what it entails in understandable terms for your students I am quoted in the post as recommending the use of the “Drive Your Brain” metaphor with younger students as a “concrete way to guide them toward thinking about how they can best learn.”

As the post describes, learners at any age are likely to be inspired by the fact that they hold the power to increase the development of their own brains and positively influence their educational and life experience.

Ms. Koch quotes from an Edutopia blog post, in which I explain that students stand to learn a great deal when teachers use higher-order thinking strategies aloud. According to the blog post, “They often laugh when their teachers make ‘mistakes,’ and they learn when their teachers stop, recognize the miscue and step through the process of correcting.”

Read Ms. Koch’s entire blog post at this link.

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