Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vietnam Blog Highlights our "Driving Your Brain" Metaphor

It's exciting that the internet has extended the reach of our writings and research around the globe. We recently became aware of a blog, Educational Designing World, created by Huong Dinh of Vietnam, in which the topic of metacognition—thinking about one's thinking—is featured.

Ms. Dinh has worked for GreenViet, a NGO in the field of saving biodiversity and combating the problems of climate change and global warming. She has taken a master's degree program at the University of Oulu, Finland, with a "Learning, Education, and Technology" major to further her goal of becoming an educational designer focusing on environmental issues.

In exploring the benefits of metacognition and self-regulated learning, Ms. Dinh recounted how happy she was to discover that her habit of thinking about her own thinking processes actually had a name.

"Generally, it could be said that metacognition is one of the most powerful thinking tools—thinking about thinking—or the ability to think about your thoughts with the aim of improving learning," Ms. Dinh writes, then adds parenthetically:  "And a metaphor that resonates with many students is that learning cognitive and metacognitive strategies offers them tools to 'drive their brains.'"

Ms. Dinh cites Marcus' and my Edutopia blog post, "Metacognition: The Gift That Keeps on Giving," as the origin of the "drive your brain" metaphor. You can read her blog post here and our post on metacognition at the Edutopia blog.

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